Safety elements

Safety elements

Safety, our guidelines

For this reason, in their first design phases, many of our product and systems already incorporate all of the safety measures required by the standards of the different markets to which we direct our offer.

STEN includes collective protection systems, in compliance with the provisions of R.D. 1627/1997 in Annex IV, Part C, which lists the minimum health and safety regulations that must be applied to works.

The StenSafe edge protection system is noteworthy, consisting of guardrails, railings and skirtings. The collective protection system has AENOR Certification according to standard UNE-EN 13374:2004, “Provisional Edge Protection Systems.”

Safety elements

This perimeter protection system is compatible with the horizontal formwork systems developed by STEN, and can be attached by clamps mounted on the formwork, offering optimal protection during the formwork phase. Furthermore, when the slabs have been created, and the corresponding access chambers, its installment is enabled to achieve full perimeter protection.
Another element that provides perimeter safety protection on-site is the wall partition strut. It enables the creation of perimeter partitions on formwork slabs over walls, as well as the installation of the guardrail struts on the same, enabling the assembly of the STENSafe system in these kinds of operations.

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