ULTRALIGHT wall formwork

Ultralight formwork for walls and columns that can be carried by hand

The UltraLight Panel vertical formwork system has outstandingly light elements, and is also highly durable due to its high-grade hot-galvanized steel structure.

The Ultralight wall system enables a wall and column system to be combined in the same panel. The capabilities of the panels have been fully optimized so that they can also be used to build columns. Ultralight also provides a modular solution for wall ends, reducing the use of wood and increasing productivity. The great versatility of these universal panels provides the solution to complex geometries.

Product advantages

A panel of 2.70 x 0.75 m weighs less than 60 kg
The combination of the 750 mm universal panel and the multifunction corner panel allows you to handle corners in any wall thickness with minimal use of compensators.
The system has been designed to handle all situations with the least number of different parts. The solution for columns has also been achieved, by taking full advantage of the capabilities of the 750 mm universal panel.

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