M1C Wall

M1C WALL system

The formwork system for shuttering a wall on one side.

The formwork system for one-faced walls, enables walls up to 8.10 m in height to be created in just one concreting phase. Angle brackets for one-faced walls are used to create one-faced walls against terrain, existing walls (e.g. finish a retaining wall, or create walls without the holes of the tie rods although they are two-faced). The concrete forces attempt to overturn the formwork, hence the M1C system’s angle brackets are designed to prevent this from happening.

Product advantages

M1C angle brackets are metal structures designed with welded profiles, divided into diverse bodies. These bodies enable: the angle bracket height to be adjusted to the height of the wall to be cemented, easy handling of components and ease of transport.
The system includes a work platform especially designed for this product that enables cementing work to be carried out safely and easily.
Its sizes have been adapted to the most common height ranges on the market, to minimize the number of parts used. It can be used to cement walls from 1.20 m to 8.10 m. The system provides great flexibility to assemblies and features, thanks to the use of struts that enable the use of a variable number of angle brackets in each group of formwork panels. Assembly of the diverse elements is carried out on the ground and at low height, to configure a rigid set that can be transported on-site as a unit.

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