STB climbing wall


The system enables formwork to be used for very high walls.

The STB climbing system is a set of pieces which are designed to create very high walls, with the appropriate formwork system. The procedure is based on creating a wall by building different height sections, and using part of the built and set wall as a base for the formwork of the upper section. As well as building a support point for the upper formwork, it enables a reasonably wide working surface area to be achieved. This surface area is useful for carrying out the necessary operations on the formwork.

The formwork is joined to a climbing system, all of which can be moved in one single operation. The formwork can be pivoted with respect to the platform and removed from the wall. Hollows in the lower part of the wall are minimized by using the seal strap. It allows fine adjustment of the height of the formwork with regards to the cemented wall.

Product advantages

Safe and reliable fixing system that is also retrievable. Safe and easy-to-assemble board system that provides stiffness to the entire installation.
Full perimeter protection system on all working platforms. Ensures a working surface area with a safely closed perimeter, whatever the height.

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