STENTUB Scaffolding

Not one moment without protection.

The greatest advantage of Stentub over a conventional scaffolding system comes from its exclusive framework consisting of 2 parts, which ensures safer assembly. With this system, the definitive railings of each module are installed from the lower module, guaranteeing protection at all times. Due to its great versatility, the Stentub scaffolding is the optimal solution for renovation works, as well as for new builds, civil or industrial works. Thanks to its adjustable feet, it adapts to all kinds of surfaces.

The separation of the frame into two parts provides this scaffolding with its main advantages, obtaining a much safer and resistant assembly method. The revolutionary joining system enables the stiffness equivalent to welding to be obtained with one blow of a hammer. The use of an automatic latch enables remote assembly of rails and diagonals. The slots of the rails enable remote assembly.

Product advantages

The different length variations of the scaffolding’s structural elements enables assemblies that perfectly adapt to any engineering or architectural project to be created. The system has a wide range of auxiliary components, making it optimal for use in complex technical solutions or applications other than façade scaffolding.
The elements of the Stentub scaffolding are designed to guarantee its integrity, even in very harsh conditions. They are all manufactured using the most modern production techniques and using top-quality materials such as galvanized steel.

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