Bridge formwork

Bridge formwork

The STEN system for bridge panel formwork

The STEN system for bridge panel formwork is designed to create gull-wing bridges. It also provides a wide range of solutions due to the great versatility of its components. The elements have been designed to stand the test of time to the maximum, maintaining their mechanical properties, and withstanding the most adverse work and storage conditions.
The tables for bridge framework can be hoisted and deposited on shoring towers.
The formwork consists of a series of profiles, duly assembled to create a resistant grid, that provides the formwork surface with the resistance needed to support the load requests to which it is subject by the cement.

Product advantages


  • Very quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Easy assembly of components through the incorporation of bolts at all joints.
  • Safe retrieval of elements without the need for falling elements
  • Safe and easy-to-assemble board system that provides stiffness to the entire installation.


  • The basis of the adjustable brace is to regulate the structural system in the longitudinal direction.
  • The joint reinforcement joins and connects two elements acting as a distance regulator

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