Sten Quality

STEN Quality

We are in a global market, open and highly competitive, in which companies must look for differentiating factors that allow them to achieve the highest benefits, at the lowest cost.

The quality is a fundamental element in this sense. A true CULTURE OF QUALITY implies.

Greater stability, growth and profitability.

A reduction of costs avoiding failures and errors.

A prevention against possible business and legal problems.

Greater adaptability to changes in the organization’s context.

An improvement of the image of the company, its workers and its products.

Greater fidelity of the customers, which advertise the company and the products.

An improvement in the dissemination of the experience acquired by the company.

Today’s leading companies are aware that their position in the market is not only based on the price of their products or the speed of their services, it must be based on the quality of their systems.

For this reasons STEN Management, promoted by the need to improve the efficiency of its systems of organization, production and service, decided the implementation and development in the company of a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to international standards ISO-9001: 2015

In order to ensure that quality is a true added value and a competitive advantage for the company, from the management it is promoted that the different departments integrate among their objectives the satisfaction of the client and the search for a better our continuous improvement.

We are aware that, in the current context, a bad company image, motivated by a lack of quality can lead to dissatisfaction or loss of customers. Unsatisfied customers can influence the decisions of potential customers, which over time may mean the loss of the market. Being able to detect the motives that cause the problems, will help us to maintain the good image that STEN currently has in the market.

In addition to the satisfaction of our customers, quality helps our own operation better, being able to detect weaknesses in the system, which will allow us to improve them and thus achieve excellence in our work. This excellence is what guarantees us the permanence in the market and strengthens us as a leading company in our sector.

STEN designs, manufactures and markets high-quality technical products and offers agile customer service. All this is possible thanks to a young and specialized team, which regularly receives training courses in the company on the latest construction technologies and the most advanced management systems.

Always offer the customer the “Quality” defined and the satisfaction of all their expectations, both explicit and implicit.

To develop this policy:

  • We follow the evolution of the market and if possible we advance to their demands.
  • We encourage the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • We are committed to our delivery times.
  • We are committed to comply with legal, regulatory and customer requirements related to the sale and rental of formwork material.
  • We assist the client by providing our know-how and always trying to solve the discrepancies for the benefit of both parties.
  • We seek the cohesion of our internal collaborators, favoring communication and teamwork.